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Rio Blanco Development

Rio Blanco Development launched in 2011 as an Advanced Materials composite inorganic polymer company and today has plans to be one of the premiere specialty geopolymer providers.
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Concrete Technology is at a crossroad.

  • Infrastructure Projects and Maintenance Costs Growing Globally
  • Industrial Needs must balance Environmental Costs
  • Increased use and decreased supply of California Fly Ash
  • Carbon California government mandated Dioxide Emissions for all Stakeholders
If the 21st century is governed by environmental agendas to support clean technology then the future of the cement and concrete industry is dependent on our ability to link the growth of these industries with the goal of sustainable development (with a reduction greenhouse gas emissions).

Our Answer

Metacrete™ is a new nanotechnology material formed from naturally occurring geologic deposits of uncommon clay and other carbon free pozzolans found along the Sierra foothills of California's San Joaquin Valley. Mineral powders produced from these deposits posses unique physical properties when viewed based on their angstrom sized spacing at the atomic level. Naturally these complex minerals posses outstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Such materials are almost the perfect precursor for the development of advanced materials, electronic and civil engineering products.

We estimate for every ton of Metacrete&trade product utilized in the ordinary Portland cement market a ton of greenhouse gas emission to the atmosphere will have been eliminated. Current projections from our Merced/Mariposa County site are 200,000 ton per year reduction over the next 25 years.Learn More

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What We Do

We specialize in the harvesting and refinement of premium nano-materials from naturally occurring clay deposits with uses in high performance cement, paints, plasters, and other chemical mixtures.

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Who We Are

Rio Blanco Development was established in 1988 as a Mineral Consulting Firm for the historical mining districts encompassing White River in Tulare County California.

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How We Do It

We combine 21st century sustainable standards of production and common building materials to create innovative and Carbon-neutral materials.

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